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When I was a kid, I always believed I can fly high if I had wings.
As time passed, the dream faded. Perhaps we became so afraid of be dragged into the torrent of time.

might fly!

We are only travelers passing through this world after all.  Do not leave misfortunes behind.  The meaning of life is to keep trying.  More and more youth walk out to pursue a Utopia hiding in concrete.  Every young person who lives in order to survive and follow the rules has a heart that is unrestrained and free.  Keep trying with a restless heart!  The beauty of the world only opens to those brave enough to embrace it.  Even if reality does not allow, please protect the fire in your heart


Maybe, you can fly? 

china chkn.png

A young Rooster is known as a Cockerel

The Rooster is a pictogram of China's territory, and China is one of the first countries to raise chickens.  Its history has exceeded 5000 years of Chinese civilization.  Snowboard is still very young in China, it is like a Cockerel that has just hatched.  It's wings are not yet developed but its heart still wants to fly. 

Maybe you will think that Cockerels can't fly even when they grow up!  But what you don't know is, in eastern culture, the rooster is a symbol of sunrise and brightness.

The legend of the phoenix also comes from a chicken.  I might be a chicken that can never fly, but also I might be phoenix that has just hatched!  

Like an ugly duckling, it is the white swan that is not fully grown.  The impermanence of the world is the true meaning of "nothing is set"

So don't question yourself, "Might FLY, maybe I can fly!?

Snowboarding is such a complex for us.  On the vast expanse of Snow, a 'white leopard' on the volt,  I jumped on his soft back, he carried me in the wind with white feathers, and never wanted to stop.  It is this kind of charm that make a few young people fall in love with snowboarding.  After being involved and working in this industry for over a decade, we confirmed that we are keen to and accept the assessment of our peers, because we know that excellence comes from judgement.  Our growth is the process of constantly challenging established cognitive processes.  In this process, the interested and hobbies illuminate our direction, our willingness and grow through experiences paves our way, and ultimately, we turned our love into a career.  Now we feel that the time is right for us to come.


Here comes the "COCKEREL"

We never make a fuss about the origins of snowboard culture.  No matter what height the cockerel can fly, we always respect the era and cultural roots that hatch it,  as well as the land, the belief.   And looking from the universe, we believe that our worlds are quite similar, except our Eastern mentality of oriental culture and wisdom, which we are proud of.  We hope we can carry forward the perceptions of art left by our ancestors and let the world know the East and understand China.  Because of love, COCKEREL hopes to be a bridge to connect the cultures of the East & West, leading to the ideal world of art.

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