Cut through any terrain with this sexy street killer.  Tiffany blue with a hand-painted old school tattoo design incorporating roses and a high-heeled dagger shoe.

3 Inch

    • Freestyle Street profile
    • Flat Rocker
    • Flex 3/10
    • POT Classic Core
    • DNA Roots
    • Turbomotion Base
    • Strong Mixing Fiberglass
    • Basalt Turbo Quad Packs
    • Radial Sidecut
    • Dam Kevlar Sidewalls
    • SK8KICK
  • In ancient times in China, a woman with 3-inch feet was considered sexy, which is a distorted aesthetic because of the limited perception of beauty at the time.  Today's modern women pursue their own concepts of beauty and show their own personalities. Beautiful as a rose and as sharp as a dagger, redefining the new sexy.