Empress Wu Zetian was the only regnant in China, she was both the Queen but also a King.  This board was meant to rule it all from all mountain to the park and pipe. Be the Queen of the mountain.


    • All Mountain Park profile
    • Traditional Camber
    • Flex 5/10
    • Inlayed Pro Core
    • DNA Roots
    • Supermotion Base
    • Super Tendon Fiberglass
    • Long Grid Carbon
    • Eggshell Sidecut
    • 1.5mm Cork Anti-Shock
  • With a mix of Chinese embroidery, the hand painted watercolor cranes are nailed to the background representing the past when women wanted to be free, but were helpless and unable do so.   The cross and miscellaneous line elements are used as a metaphor of being released from bondage.