Since ancient times, China's martial spirit has been deeply rooted in national culture.  Chinese Kung Fu is the crystallization of national wisdom.  It pays attention to both 'hard' and 'soft', both internal and external, the connotation and understanding of life and the universe.

Kung Fu

    • All Mountain Park Profile
    • Tradtional Camber Dominant
    • Flex 6.5/10


    • POT Air Core
    • DNA Roots
    • Turbomotion Base
    • Super Tendon Fiberglass
    • x-Grid Carbon
    • Radial Sidecut
    • Urethane Topsheet Hooks
    • 1.5mm Cork Anti-Shock
  • The theme of this snowboard is the Crane in flight from sunset to dark night.  There is a movement in Chinese Kung Fu called "White Crane Stretching Wings" which is both fluid but in control.  The base of the board is the silhouette of a flock of cranes reflecting the generosity of life.