Red Hare is the name of the most famous war horse in Chinese history. Braver that the tiger and faster than hare, he was ridden by a heroic general in the Han Dynasty.


The snowboard much like the war horse, is a leader in both speed and demeanor capable of handling every obstacle and terrain in its path.

Red Hare

    • All Mountain profile
    • Hybrid Camber
    • Flex 7/10
    • Surfstick Core
    • DNA Roots
    • Primemotion V12 Base
    • Super Tendon Fiberglass
    • x-Curve + Engineered Carbon
    • Ships Side Blended Radial Sidecut
    • Urethane Topsheet Hooks
  • Imagery of the big belly buddha and the cockerel is isomorphic, together with the elements of the ingot and the dollar.  At the same time, the picture uses traditional Chinese line art and calligraphy.