Just like an Aircraft for snow, the Swallow is designed to be the perfect powder surfer with a tapered body, super long nose to keep you afloat and a shorter tail to help it sink into the deepest pow turns. 


    • Powder profile
    • Back-seat Camber
    • Flex 8/10
    • Surfstick Core
    • DNA Roots
    • Primemotion V12 Base
    • Super Tendon Fiberglass
    • Basalt Turbo
    • Radical Propeller Sidecut
    • Urethane Topsheet Hooks
  • The focus of this board is the vermilion red Chinese palace gates and the animal head door ring which is one of the nine sons of the dragon, said to have the skill of defense and a symbol of dignity and majesty.
    The base of the board uses the elements of the Nine Dragon Wall and the Forbidden City plaque, with a combination of the seal and Cockerel font logo to perfectly reflect the connotations of Chinese culture.