Stable in motion like a Whale, but strong and fierce as a shark designed to handle any backcountry terrain. With a back-seat camber profile and a longer wide nose to keep you floating through turns effortlessly.

Whale Shark

    • Powder profile

    • Back-seat Camber

    • Flex 8/10

    • Surfstick Core

    • DNA Roots

    • Supermotion Base

    • Super Tendon Fiberglass

    • Basalt Turbo

    • Ships Side Blended Radial Sidecut

    • Urethane Topsheet Hooks

  • A mix of the ancient and modern cultural differences in time and space depicting civilizations evolution; competition is no longer waged by war, but instead by sport.  This board uses the universe's starry sky as a background, with a battlefield scene on the right and a snowboarding scene on the left.