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The wood core is the heart of the snowboard. This basic element determines the main characteristics of the snowboard and it is one of the most important components.  Each Cockerel board has its own unique wood core design and configuration attributes providing uniform flex, superior turning control and incredible responsiveness.

We have designed a range of wood core structures, each with its own unique features to ensure we have the ideal snowboard for you.


( Egg Born , Diva )

( 3-Inch )


Laminated fiberglass is used on the top and bottom of the wood core to prevent water damage and is also a key component of board strength and flex. All Cockerel boards use a mechanized digital dispensing system to enhance the resin to fiberglass synthesis process.



It's a significant breakthrough in the snowboarding industry that resin can now be produced at a lower temperature giving boards faster response times and keeping them lightweight.

This production technique supports Cockerel's ideal of sustained development and environmental protection.





Snowboards either have Extruded or Sintered bases.

At Cockerel we decided to maximize speed and performance by using Sintered bases. We have added our own subtle changes to adjust the density, hardness & wax absorption rate of our boards 


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For Cockerel, we are not only trying our best to build the world's most advanced technology snowboards, we also think it is very important to make them look beautiful and unique.  It's hard to make snowboards look amazing.  The technical requirements for adhesion and durability under extreme climatic and physical conditions severely limit your imaginations.  These challenges have limited most companies to certain standard methods, often resulting in those copies with no vitality, no thought, no soul.  Through rigorous testing, crazy experimentation and value experience gained over many years of hard work, our crazy artists have developed their new techniques to maximize the unique potential of each graphic,  Our goal is to conquer those graphics that were previously impossible to achieve

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